A Big thank you to John  Hammond for organizing the Sunday December 10th Miller Creek Freeway Interchange clean-up.  Below is a message from John to all the workers.

Also a Big thank you to everyone who came out on the 10th to help clean up our freeway interchange mess.  You guys and gals did a great job.  What has been an eye sore for months if not years now looks neat and more that just presentable.  I hope you enjoyed the experience rolling up sleeves and digging into a community project as much as I did, and I hope you will now take pride in your work as we pass though the interchange while on our daily activities.
Forty-three of us joined in on the work.  Special thanks go out to all the young people from the SELS high school program.  We gave you guys to worst part to clean up and you did your work exceptionally well.  I don’t know if you get credit for volunteer hours, but if you do, put yourselves down for 3 hours of volunteer time.
I also want to recognize Tim Sullivan and Dave Mitchell for their excellent work operating the weed whackers, and a grateful nod to Tom Wharton who hung in there working with his powered blower cleaning off the sidewalks long after most others had left to go home.  And our Supervisor, Damon Connolly, also hung in there to the bitter end cleaning up the path to the bus stop.  Come to think of it, everyone deserves special notice – all 43 of us.  So, give yourselves a pat on the back.
It’s time now to take a break and think about the holidays that are rushing toward us.  While you are enjoying the party season, we’ll be working behind the scenes.  We are continuing our negotiations with Caltrans to gain access to their portion of the interchange and hope to have them assume the responsibility for cleaning up the sound bound off ramp next to the sound wall where it is just too dangerous for us to attempt to clean the area ourselves.  And we have an eye out for the Lucas Valley Road / Highway 101 interchange.  It too is a mess.  We need to develop a clean up plan for there modeled after today’s efforts.  Until the people controlling the purse strings at the county and at Caltrans agree to put basic maintenance on their to do list, it looks like we’ll have a choice of either living with the filth or periodically cleaning up the mess ourselves.
So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year.  And a Big Thank you again.


Lion Elizabeth Hannon is a long time docent & speaker for the Potomac. It is moored in Jack London Sq., Oakland. One can cruise the bay, or charter this historic ship for a wedding, meeting etc.  Elizabeth has a 14 minute video about the ship's history/restoration, and can add as much/little comment as time allows.  Brochures & her bio. are available upon request: 415-883-2401;





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