The San Rafael Las Gallinas Lions Club is organizing free Vision Screening Clinics for preschools and schools in San Rafael.

We use a hand-held SpotVision® camera which is able to assess eye conditions. The camera screens for normal refractive errors, such as astigmatism, which can be corrected with eyeglasses as well as more unusual conditions such as anisometropia (differences between the eyes) and lazy eye. Detection of such conditions in young children is important because treatment becomes more difficult once they are older than 8 years of age.

We recently conducted two pilot programs:
- At the beginning of December 2014 we screened 875 students of the Dixie School District of which 49 were referred for further testing by qualified doctors.
- Earlier in the year we conducted a pilot at Picklweed Pre-School in San Rafael. We screened 65 children of whom 11 were referred. School Director, Shawn Koller told us a week or so later that most of these children had been prescribed eyeglasses. The parents did not realize that their children needed glasses!

We are now working with other school districts in Marin as well as other Lions Clubs to bring this amazing program to other school children.

We would also like to offer this program to pre-schools in our area, however there is no single agency through which we can contact them. If you are interested in having your pre-school child participate in such a program please, either contact me directly, or ask your preschool administrator to contact me to find out more:
Graham Forder (827-4748) [], (the second letter is “j” not “i”)
Sight Chair, San Rafael Las Gallinas Lions Club

More information about the camera at:

Las Gallinas Lions conducting the Vision Clinic at Pickleweed Pre-School in San Rafael: