san rafael VISION CLINIC
October 29th, 2017

A heartfelt Thank You to all the Volunteers who helped make our 2017 Vision Clinic such a success!!

Here are some statistics:

  • We met our goal of 400 patients admitted to the clinic. Thanks to the efforts of Marin Health and Human Services (Kathy Kipp) they came from all over Marin – West Marin, Marin City, Novato and, of course, San Rafael
  • We opened our doors at 8.30am and closed them at 2.00pm.
  • Thanks to Lion Dolores Cuerva and Laura Studley, we had three volunteer nurses from Kaiser who administered a tonometer (eye pressure) test to each patient.
  • We administered auto-refractor tests to all patients using two ‘SPOT’ cameras, organized by Rick Carnal.
  • We had six volunteer doctors, who, apart from a short lunch break, all worked continuously during the clinic. Special thanks to Dr. Tania Mantua for bringing the optical equipment.
  • We distributed about 200 pairs of recycled eyeglasses from our Dispensary.
  • We ordered 60 pairs of new glasses from online eyeglass company “Zenni” (for prescriptions that we could not meet in our Dispensary).
  • The doctors referred 140 people for further examination and we brought them to the Marin Community Clinic where appointments were made by MCC staff under the supervision of Clinic Director, Sarah King. (They filled their calendar through Dec 26!).
  • John Posey and Kertice Poon reported that over twenty of these referrals may need eye surgeries and could likely be helped by the Lions Eye Foundation.
  • We asked all the people to answer questionnaires and were gratified to find that they were overwhelmingly complimentary of the quality and efficiency of the clinic.
  • We had a total of 140 volunteers, including 40 Lions, 30 translators and Mark Lubamersky and his team of 16 San Rafael High School football players. Special thanks to the Station Managers and most particularly Lion Shirley for organizing this army so efficiently.

Those are the statistics. But more important was the atmosphere of lightness and goodwill that so many experienced. The feeling that we were all giving back to these gracious, respectful and grateful people who have such a need. I have to add an email we received from one of our translators, which says it all:

“Shirley,…. I absolutely loved the people who needed translating help.  They are BEAUTIFUL and what HEART.  When I finished explaining things to them, I stressed how important it was for them to keep their appointment and take care of their eyes.  I let them know that I cared about them and their health.  I then would ask if they had any questions, and direct them to the exit door/survey person.  But before they left, I asked if it was ok if I gave them a hug. All but one person said, “yes”.  And one person, as she was leaving said, “THAT is the best thing that has happened to me all day!”
 I felt like I made a BIG DIFFERENCE. And I got so much out of it……………”

Thanks, again!! 
Graham and Shirley